KickOut HOME (250 ml.)

2 BOTTLES OF KICK OUT HOME (250ml/8.8oz)

KICK OUT HOUSE will make your bad odors disappear in one shot! Whether it’s on your fabrics (couch, chair, bed, sheets, towels), shoes, litter box, garbage can, bathroom, or just to eliminate unwanted smoke odors, KICK OUT is the most effective product on the market.

KICK OUT SPORT will knock out the bad odors from your shoes, helmet, gloves, gym bag, headband, scarf, etc. in one fell swoop. Talk to your teammates about having a great smelling locker room!

These two products, not tested on animals, were manufactured and developed in Quebec. The laboratory experts used only high quality products, made from natural and biodegradable ingredients (According to OECD-301D)

Hurry before KICK OUT makes this offer disappear too!


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Québec, QC
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